Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Deadspin's Adam Knox Fund Seized by PayPal

Back in October, created The Adam Knox Fund, a support fund for our military personnel over Iraq, named after Sergeant Adam Knox, killed in action in September. Unfortunately, things haven't gone as planned and there have been conflicts with PayPal, the online payment medium Deadspin selected to collect donations. Here is the issue, directly from

So here's what happened: When we set up the fund, we attached it to a Paypal account, because we thought that would make it easier to contribute. Turns out, though -- as we learned through two more hours on the phone with these jerks yesterday -- that they set up the initial Paypal account as a "charitable organization" account. (We do not know why they did this. We did not ask them to.) Because of this, they require "documentation of non-profit tax-exempt status." Because Deadspin is not, in fact, a non-profit organization (though we wouldn't exactly call us a "profit" organizatione ither) , the compliance department has decided that the funds are to be frozen for "180 days," after which time they will be deposited in the "bank account on file." (Which is our personal bank account.) The douche on the phone -- whom we hope goes home tonight and is fucking beaten by Jason Kidd's wife -- said that he understood the situation and that it was "unfortunate" but that "we have our policies. If you contact us on April 13 [the 180 days date] we will be reminded to deposit the funds, because the suspension would be over." That's the word that dicknob used: "Suspension."

Apparently, PayPal's decision to suspend The Adam Knox Fund will prevent the members of Sgt. Knox's platoon from receiving their gifts until mid-April. Like Will Leitch, Deadspin's main writer and editor, I too find this unacceptable.

While not in any power of authority, I figured the best way to reverse PayPal's stance on this issue is to raise public awareness. Years ago, the military helped me a lot by helping me be "all I could be" and paying for my college education. More recently, Will's Deadspin site has helped my writing by linking to here and showing the world what I have to say. Whereas what I normally write about isn't very important, I stongly believe this issue is. So if you can possibly help The Adam Knox Fund in any way, please email Will Leitch at


- Jordi

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